Sunday, January 16, 2011

"The Teachings Of The Katipunan"

The teachings of Katipunan was also called Kartilla ng Katipunan made by Emilio Jacinto (Utak ng Katipunan).
The Kartilla was composed of 13 rules, composed of:

I. A life not devoted to a worthy cause is like a tree without leaves.

~you need to help others as well you help your self because it will become useless if you don't help others by your self and from your heart.

II. A good deed that was not done sincerely is not considered a virtue.

~even though you help others if you don't do it by the bottom of your heart, it is worthless.

III. Real virtue lies not only in charity and love of neighbor, but also in the purity of one's thoughts, words, and actions.

~A virtue also revolves around the purity of one's words and actions not only in helping others or by loving others.

IV. All men are equal, regardless of race, color, and culture.

~even though the color of your skin is different unlike others, you are a men like them because all men are equal even they are different in appearance.

V. A wise man values abstinence over indulgence.

~a wise man always valuing his self-denial before his humor.

VI. A person with delicadeza knows how to keep his word.

~a person who have a shame knows when to keep his word or his secrets.

VII. Never waste time; opportunities that passed by may come again, but time passed can never be brought back.

~Time is gold so, don't waste time and always do your job on time.

VIII. Defend the oppressed and fight the oppressor.

~for example someone is bullying your classmate you will say to the oppressor that stopped what he is doing because it is bad to bully others. Never defend the other side or the oppressor because it is bad.

IX. An intelligent person exercises prudence in his words, and knows when to keep a secret.

~an intelligent person knows to keep a secret and how to keep it and never say it.

X. A man serves as a model to his wife and children; thus, the leader who is headed in the wrong direction also leads his followers astray.

~you need to be a good leader because what you are doing is just like what they are doing. Sometimes the followers don't know if the doings of their leader was wrong because the leader must know what is the right from wrong and leaders must do good.

XI. Do not look at a woman as a source of pleasure, but as a partner in one's joys and sorrows; remember your mother who brought you up since you were a baby.

~women is not only for the pleasure of men they are also you're partner when you have a problem. Women has a big part in our community.

XII. What you do not want done unto your own wife, daughter, and sister, do not do unto the wife, daughter and sister of others.

~do not do to others if you don't want to do unto you, sometimes if you do something bad to others they will do it to you as a retribution to you.

XIII. A person's worth does not depend on being a king, priest, or having a high position in society, nor in he shape of one's nose or color of one's skin. It is found in his goodness, honor, and pure intentions; in those who do not abuse nor allow themselves to be abused; and in those who know concern and love for one's country.

~even though you are beautiful, royal blood or a famous artists, if you are hatred, selfish and arrogant you are useless because it depends in how you love your country and others as you love yourself.